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Pakistan’s Dam Issues

Via Celsias, a look at the dam issues affecting Pakistan:   Electricity generation is a major concern for much of the world, since demand is rising.Hydropower is electricity generated using the energy of moving water. Electricity generated from water is entirely renewable, since water is an abundant natural resource and no water is expended during […]

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Turkey’s Contemplated European Union “Freeze” – All About Water?

Via The International Water Law Project, a report on how Turkey’s contemplated “freeze” of its relations with the EU is related to the interrelated water issues toward its Euphrates co-riparians as well as toward Cyprus.  As the article notes: Turkey plays an increasingly important global role as a cultural and economic bridge between Western nations […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Trans-Provincial Compensation Mechanism – A New Path For China’s Water Environment Protection

Via Xinhua, an interesting report on a new trans-provincial compensation mechanism intended to help improve China’s water environment protection.  As the article notes: Imagine a river flows across two neighboring provinces. The upriver province will be financially rewarded if it ensures quality river water for the lower province; otherwise, it will pay the lower one […]

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