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Turkish Dam Would Impact Georgia

Via Green Prophet, a report on the potential impact a  planned dam in northeast Turkey would have upon Georgia.  As the article notes: A hydroelectric project in Turkey’s northeastern Ardahan district will change the flow of the Mtkvari River, the biggest water artery in the South Caucasus. A planned dam in northeastern Turkey, the Beshik […]

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India and Bangladesh: Headed Towards International Legal “War” Over The Tipaimukh Dam?

Via The Weekly Blitz, a report on tension emerging from the dispute between India and Bangladesh over India’s planned construction of the Tipaimukh Dam.  As the article notes: “Guided by the principles of equity, fairness and no harm to either party both the Governments agree to conclude water sharing Treaties/ Agreements with regard to other […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Thirst For Water Transfer

Via China Dialogue, a report on the heavy environmental impact caused by many Chinese provinces’ decision to divert water across river basins to meet urban demand.  As the article notes: Water diversion is back in the news in China thanks to the announcement of the 20-billion yuan (US$3.2 billion) Qiandao Lake project in Hangzhou, which […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Completes Tunnel For South-North Water Diversion Project

Via Xinhua, a report that China has completed a tunnel beneath Yellow River for China’s south-north water diversion project.  As the article notes: “…A tunnel beneath the Yellow River, China’s second longest, and related water gates and ditches have been completed for the eastern route of the country’s giant south-north water diversion project. Water diverted […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Beijing Facing Severe Water Shortages

Via China Daily, a report that Beijing is facing increasing water stress.  As the article notes: The available per capita water usage in Beijing has dropped to 100 cubic meters, much lower than the internationally acknowledged warning line of 1,000 cubic meters per capita, according to the Beijing Water Authority. Needless to say that Beijing […]

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Harvard’s Water Security Initiative

Via The Harvard Magazine, an article on John Briscoe and the University’s efforts to understand and tackle water insecurity around the world: In the little town of 5,000 where he now lives, John Briscoe holds the exalted title “master of the Todd Pond dam,” a tiny impoundment. He uses this role to introduce his students […]

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