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River Rivalry On The Nile

Via Terra Daily, an updated report on the tensions rippling out from Ethiopia’s plans to build large dams on the Nile.  As the article notes: “…Ethiopia is pressing ahead with plans to build large dams on the Nile as upstream African states put pressure on a reluctant Egypt to share the waters of the world’s […]

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The Parched Tiger Reaches Out To Bangladesh

Courtesy of The Eurasia Review, a look at India’s water relations with Bangladesh.  As the article notes: “…Recently the Planning Commission of India, in association with the Ministry of Water Resources, has proposed a major policy change. It has decided to include social-workers and anthropologists in the study of any water-related development projects. This is […]

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Drought May Threaten Much Of Globe Within Decades

Via UCAR, an interesting look at a new study from the National Center for Atmospheric Research which starkly lays out how droughts, some so extreme that they are nearly without precedent, may spread throughout many of the world’s most densely populated places by the end of the 21st century. Here’s where it could get devastatingly […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Eternal Dam_Nation As China Sacrifices Its Arteries To Save Its Lungs?

Via Foreign Policy, a look at the impact that China’s plan to count hydropower as “green energy” will have upon both its environment and economy: “…Next week, China’s National People’s Congress, which is now meeting in Beijing, will formally adopt the country’s next five-year plan. The document will define the country’s vision for the next […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Watts, Water, and Workers

Courtesy of The Circle of Blue, a detailed look at China’s ambitious water conservation and transfer program, started in 2003, to help hold off the looming confrontation between its scarce water reserves and growing coal-based industrial sector.  As the article notes: “…On Sept. 7, 2007, during a morning briefing in Beijing on China’s newest five-year […]

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Vietnam, Laos Split Over Mekong Dam

Via Global Geopolitics, a report on the Xayaburi dam issue has become the first major test of environmental diplomacy for the four countries in the lower Mekong, members of the Mekong River Commission (MRC): The first in a new series of 11 dams planned across the Mekong, South-east Asia’s largest river, could break a special […]

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