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Parched Tiger: Growing Water Resource Deficits Across India

Via Columbia University’s State of The Planet blog, an in-depth analysis of the the problem of water resource deficits across India.  As the article notes, the rapidly declining groundwater table in Punjab–one of the most agriculturally productive states and the heart of green revolution belt in northern India–is especially disturbing: “…As the epicenter of the […]

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Parched for Peace: The Fertile Crescent Might Be Barren

Via Columbia University’s Water Matters blog, a detailed analysis of the impact that drought is having upon the Middle East’s Fertile Crescent.  As the report notes: This past October, the Levant Desalination Association and NOSSTIA, an organization of expat Syrian scientists, arranged a conference in the capital city of Damascus to discuss Syria’s water crisis. […]

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The Curse of The Nile

Courtesy of The Guardian, an interesting look at rising tensions between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Nile.  As the article notes: The Nile at Aswan, Egypt With the world’s attention distracted by the latest WikiLeaks revelations, Ethiopia’s prime minister Meles Zenawi did not need a whistleblower to cause his country diplomatic embarrassment: he proved more […]

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The Dam Race Between Pakistan and India

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, an interesting look at how a new era of dam building is bringing uncertainty to the 50-year old water truce between India and Pakistan.  As the article notes: The Indus River is Pakistan’s lifeline, the main source of water for the world’s largest irrigation system. In Kashmir’s Neelum Valley, part […]

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Parched for Peace (2): UAE Has Oil & Money, But No Water

Courtesy of Columbia’s Earth Institute, an interesting look at the Middle East’s water crisis: “…Last Monday I mentioned that one of the reasons I chose to focus on the Mideast water crisis was a New York Times article that called attention to the extreme water scarcity in Dubai. While its seven star hotel, indoor ski […]

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The Thirsty Dragon Makes Nervous Neighbors

Courtesy of ChinaDialogue, a look at the increasing tensions arising from the construction of a large-scale dam in Tibet that is prompting fears downstream on the Brahmaputa.  As the article notes: “…Only five rivers in the world carry more water than the Yarlung Zangbo, or Brahmaputra as it is known when it reaches India. Only […]

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