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Turkey Waters Cyprus

Via  Terra Daily, an update on the on-again/off-again plan for Turkey to provide water to Cyprus.  As the article notes: “Turkey signed an agreement Monday with the the breakaway Turkish statelet in Cyprus on a long-standing project to build a pipeline under the Mediterranean to supply water to the island’s north. The framework agreement envisages […]

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Simmering Dispute Over Nile Heating Up

Courtesy of Yale’s e360, an interesting report on the simmering dispute over who owns the waters of the River Nile which is heating up. As the article notes: “…From its headwaters in Ethiopia and the central African highlands to the downstream regional superpower Egypt, the Nile flows through 10 nations. But by a quirk of […]

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Himalayan Rivers Of Ice Run Dry

Via The Economist, a report on a breathtaking new exhibit at the Asia Society in New York which suggests that the earth’s Third Pole – the massive Himalayan ice towers -  are undergoing dramatic change as a result of climate change.   As the article notes: “…David Breashears, a legendary mountaineer and cinematographer, and his team […]

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Water: The Key Element In The India-Pakistan Rivalry

Via, a report on the continuing tension between India and Pakistan over water.  As the article notes: “…For Pakistani farmer Ghulam Sarwar, only war with India can overcome the water shortages parching his crops and drying up his profits. His family owns 85 acres (34 hectares) in northern Punjab, traditionally the bread basket of […]

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The Thirsty Dragon’s Watergy Nexus Challenge

Courtesy of The Green Leap Forward, a detailed examination of the complex interactions among the energy, water, and food systems in China, which are especially critical given the scarcities involved in all three systems.  As the article notes, this watergy nexus presents a compelling challenge to China: “…China’s rapidly growing economy is very quickly testing […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Dammed If They Do; Damned If They Don’t

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at the rising (water) tension between China and its neighbors over China’s planned hydroelectric projects.  As the article notes: “IN YUNNAN in south-west China the biggest floods in a dozen years have ended a long, brutal drought. For months here in Xishuangbanna, a glassy Mekong had merely sauntered towards […]

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