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Water, Climate Change, and War Games

Via Miller-McCune, a report that some nations’ war games are now including a climate change component.  As the article notes: “The Tibetan Plateau is enormous — four times the size of Texas. Both the Yellow and Yangtze rivers issue from it, carrying the glacial runoff from the Himalayas to China. This runoff is a primary […]

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Water Tension In Central Asia

Courtesy of The Open Economy, a detailed look at the growing water crisis in Central Asia.  We have covered this several times previously in this forum but, given the increasing severity and likelihood of transnational tensions, it seems useful to address it once again.  As the article notes: “…At first glance, China’s neighbour Kyrgyzstan, with […]

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Water Wars In Africa: More Likely To Arise Out Of Political Failure, Not Drought

Via The East African, a look at the prospect of future water wars in Africa.  As the article notes, these observers feel that if any such conflicts arise, they will be caused by political failure versus the lack of water: “…The second day of the Institute for Security Studies meeting on Climate Change and Transnational […]

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Himalayan Glacial Melt And The Threat of Water Conflict In Asia

Courtesy of CNN, a sober report on the recession of Himalayan glaciers and the threat of conflict arising over diminised water resources.  As the article notes: “…The glaciers in the Himalayas are receding quicker than those in other parts of the world and could disappear altogether by 2035 according to the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on […]

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