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India: Water Wars Starting Decades Ahead Of Predictions

Via Ecoworldly, a tragic & sobering look at how rainfall patterns — altered by climate change — and inequities in the water distribution system have led to a water crisis in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.  As the article notes, this has led to a spurt in water related violence and conflict, the […]

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Water Wars?

Via Seed Magazine, several experts’ interesting views on the prospect of potential water wars in the future: “…In 2007 an 18-month study of Sudan by the UN Environment Program concluded that the conflict in Darfur had its roots in climate change and water shortages. According to the report, disappearing pasture and evaporating water holes—rainfall is […]

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Downstream Impact of Mekong Dams

Via The Cambodia Mirror, an in-depth look at the impact that the construction of hydro-electric dams along the Mekong River will have upon on the environment and on the life of millions of people living along the Mekong River, especially countries along the lower Mekong River region.  As the report notes: “…Experts said that at […]

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Increasing Need For Hydroplomacy In Asia

Via Radio Australia, a very interesting interview of Suzanne Dimaggio of the Asia Society on the increasing pressure of water scarcity in Asia.  As the article notes: SUZANNE DIMAGGIO: Well, I think the Central Asian water summit is one of the harbingers of what’s to come – growing disagreement over how to share water resources. […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Downstream Impacts

Via The Circle of Blue, an interesting article on China’s water problems and its impact on downstream nations such as Laos, Vietnam, etc.  As the report notes: “…But now, let’s talk about China in terms of their water problems. China is upstream of the Mekong, the Salween, these major rivers that flow into Southeast Asia. […]

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The Syr Darya: An Example of Failure

Via The Foreign Policy Association, unfortunate news regarding the fate of the Syr Darya river in Central Asia, a true example of the failure of regional cooperation and water politics.  As the article notes: “…On March 26, at a meeting in Almaty of state-sponsored environmentalists and ecologists, the Syr Darya was declared too polluted to […]

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