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Turkey Promises To Double Water To Iraq

Via Terra Daily, a report that Turkey has promised to double the amount of water allocated to Iraq from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  As the article notes: “…The announcement followed two days of talks during Gul’s visit to Baghdad, the first in 33 years by a Turkish head of state, on what is a […]

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Transferring Water From Wet Regions to Dry Regions

Via Radio Free Europe, an interesting look at the possibility of exporting water from wet countries to dry ones, specifically a 2,000 kilometer canal which would send water from the Ob River in Siberia to the Aral Sea basin in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.  As the article notes: “…Many parts of the northern hemisphere — such […]

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Hydro-Solidarity and Transboundary River Issues in Central Asia & The Middle East

Via Terra Daily, an interesting look at three of the most challenging regions managing trans-boundary river issues and the chance for “hydro-solidarity” to overcome rising tensions in the Middle East and former Soviet Central Asia, both water-deprived regions with rapidly growing populations along with rising agricultural, industrial and energy requirements.  As the article notes: “…Three […]

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Do Nations Go To War Over Water?

From Nature, an interesting comment on whether or not nations go to war over water.  As the article notes, the author is very skeptical of this claim believing – instead – that they solve their water shortages through trade and international agreements: “…The United Nations warned as recently as last week that climate change harbours […]

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Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project

Via Terra Daily, some additional information on Libya’s 33-billion-dollar Great Man-Made River scheme to extract water from deep beneath the Sahara and pipe it across the desert to its coastal cities.  As the article notes, it is laden with potential for stoking friction with Libya’s neighbours: “…The scheme, already some two-thirds complete, is economically viable […]

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Turkey, Syria, and Iraq: Great Anxiety Downstream

Via Energy Daily,  a detailed look at issues related to Turkey, Syria and Iraq’s mutual sharing of the Tigris and Euphrates’ 303,000-square-mile river basin watershed.  As the article notes: “…For Damascus and Baghdad, the bad news is that the Euphrates’ flow is 88 percent controlled by Turkey, 9 percent by Syria and only 3 percent […]

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