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A Central Asian Regional Water Agreement?

Via The Institute of War and Peace, a report that increasing demand for water is making it more likely that Uzbekistan will accept a regional arrangement where all the Central Asian states share in the costs of using the rivers that run through their territories.  As the article notes: “…At the October 10 meeting of […]

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Options Facing A Thristy World

From The Banker, a sobering look at the options facing a thirsty world.  As the article notes, many private companies are transforming the global water scarcity threat into an opportunity introducing new technology and financial products but immense challenges & a high likelihood of “water refugees” remain: “…Water scarcity has been on scientists’ minds and […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Recent Achievements in the South – North Diversion Scheme

Via The Economist, a report detailing the most recent progress of China’s ambitious South – North water diversion scheme.  As the article notes “…THE water level at Wangkuai Reservoir, one of the biggest in Hebei province, is close to an historic high—in a region gripped by drought. This has been achieved by hoarding the water. […]

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China’s Dam(n?) Plans

As reported by The Guardian, China is planning to build a string of new dams in southern Tibet to boost its electricity supply.  Given that hundreds of millions of people across Asia depend on rivers that originate in Tibet, and because previous hydroelectric proposals have proved controversial due to their impact on the environment, local […]

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Middle East: Water As A Security Issue & Opportunity to Drive Peace

Via The Guardian, an interesting article (authored by a number of global political and economic leaders) detailing the opportunity to use water as one means of bringing the Israelis and Palestinians closer together.  As the report notes: “…Because an impasse beckons, it is vitally important to work on those areas in which intensive negotiations have […]

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Averting Asian Water Wars

From The Japan Times, an article on averting Asian water wars by Brahma Chellaney, Professor of Strategic Studies at the privately funded Center for Policy Research in New Delhi.  We recently had an earlier post on Dr. Chellaney’s thoughts but, since this piece offered some more details, decided to provide it here for completeness: “As […]

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