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Running Dry – A Water Shortage, Not Food Shortage

From The Economist, an interesting suggestion that the world is facing a water shortage, not a food shortage.  As the article notes: “MOST people may drink only two litres of water a day, but they consume about 3,000 if the water that goes into their food is taken into account. The rich gulp down far […]

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Need to Deal With the Water Crisis Now

From Wired, an interesting set of slides on the unsustainable global demands on fresh water supplies from Peter Gleick, president and cofounder of the Pacific Institute. As the hypothetical presentation to the new U.S. president notes, sources are drying up in the US and worldwide, raising the specters of hunger, disease, and international conflict. The […]

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A Data Driven Look at Global Water Stress

Via Bangladesh’s The New Nation, a strong reminder of the water challenges facing the world today. “Water is not distributed evenly over the globe. Fewer than 10 countries possess 60% of the world’s available fresh water supply: Brazil, Russia, China, Canada, Indonesia, U.S., India, Columbia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, local variations within […]

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Latin America: A New Era of Big Dams?

From Newsweek, an interesting look at a renewed push for dams – particularly in Latin America.  As the article notes, an eclectic mix of corporate profit opportunities, Chinese financing, concern over global warming, and rising energy costs are converging to help push large hydro projects to reality: “…Almost 15 years ago, the top official at […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: A Grim Update

Via EcoWorldly, a grim reminder of the water challenges facing China.  As the article notes: “…Beijing has begun draining “emergency” water reserves from the neighboring, rural Hebei province in the face of what officials in the capitol are calling a “grim” water forecast. The water crises is nothing new for Beijing. Nearly 60 years ago, […]

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Every Last Drop

Via The Boston Review, an excellent analysis of the impending water crisis and ways in which we can manage our way of this predicament.  While a bit long, I recommend reading it through.  Below, I have noted a few of the most important points: “…Salinization remains a serious threat to irrigated lands, but we are […]

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