Defining the Geopolitics of a Thirsty WorldSM

Water Politics Limited is currently developing its proprietary Geopolitical Water Risk Index (GWRI), the first qualitative comparative political, economic, and environmental stability index designed specifically to measure strategic water geostability around the world.

The key goal of the GWRI is to integrate and create reliable, meaningful and consistent information about aspects of water geopolitics such as the relative availability of freshwater resources to a particular nation/region; the size, engagement, economic dynamic and growth of the user base accessing the resources; indicators such as pace of water depletion, power demands, etc., and the key aspects of the political environment surrounding the management of the water resources.

The goal of the methodology is to enable our research team to track new developments on a daily basis and provide an “early warning” system which helps anticipate critical water related geopolitical trends that have a direct impact on investment, decision-making, and the capacity for a country or region to withstand political, economic, security, and social shocks related to water resources.

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